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External links related to adoption
Adoption information & resources
ASCS - adoption information & resources for Saskatchewan
Companion site to magazine, with adoption information & links
Adoption news & research
Adoption information & resources, from Robin Hilborn
Adoption information & resources, focusing on interracial adoption issues
Adoption information & resources
Adoption information & resources - ACC is based in Ottawa
External links related to travel
Canada'a airline for international travel
Useful travel advice from the Government of Canada
Advice & health notices from the Public Health Agency of Canada
Useful advice on traveling with your new baby!
Convert loonies to yuans & vice versa
Travel information from a former flight attendant, Diana Fairechild
Advice from American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
External links related to children & parenting
Educational site for kids
From CelticBug
Information from Anne Geddes
All kinds of ladybug related stuff!
External links about ladybugs!
Publisher of books about adoption
"Unique adoption gifts, books, & resources"
Adoption related clothes, books, CDs, videos, gifts, etc.
External links to stores with adoption related products
Adoption information & resources - includes international adoption
"Keeping kids & teens safer on the internet"
A reference site for kids ages 8-14 - provides entertainment & educational resources, including an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, & almanacs
Government of Canada
PBS TV site
Ladybug gifts, mostly jewelry & painted stones
Store with all kinds of ladybug themed products
All about ladybugs!
Thar be dancing ladybugs here, matey!
Ladybug slippers
Ladybug winter boots
Ladybug soft shoes
Ladybug rubber boots
Ladybug land science kit!
Ladybug umbrella
Ladybug rug
Ladybug slipper socks
Ladybug car
Ladybug hat
Ladybug bean bag
Ladybug clock with Chinese numbers
Ladybug maze toy
Ladybug massager
Educational games & other activities for kids
Government of Canada
Listings of safe internet sites for kids
Canadian Treehouse TV channel
Health information for travelers to China from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Government of Canada
Educational web site with over 7,000 learning resources & @SchoolNet Today, a daily information news service on the world of e-learning
Government of Canada
Safety tips from the Government of Canada
Resources for parents of kids ages 2-8
Companion website to Parents magazine