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External links related to adoption from China
Adoption advice & resources
Members' area (needs password)
Information on adoption from China
Wildly variable in quality & usefulness, as blogs tend to be...
Variety of sites signed up to webring - like blogs, wildly variable
CCAA - the organization that matches parents with babies in China
Newsletter companion site
Information on nternational adoption & immigration
FCC - lots of good information & links
Saskatchewan Families with Children from Asia, a branch of FCC
Focused on Jiangxi Province & Nanchang
Organization that provides photos from adopted children's cities & orphanages in China
Toronto branch of FCC
Information on adoption from China
OCDF - nonprofit foundation that provides support to families that adopt from China
List of websites of parents who have adopted or are adopting from China
External links related to travel to & in China
Travel service - website includes a travel guide
Portal to Canadian embassies & consulates in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, & Chongqing
Lots of tourist information
Maps provided by a China travel service
Province & city maps across China
Province & city maps across China, provided by Muztagh Travel Service
Scanned maps from the University of Texas at Austin, Perry-Casta├▒eda Library
CNTA - government of China tourism organization
China tourist & general information, from Muztagh Travel Service
Lots of China travel information, provided by Warrior Tours
The Weather Network
News & resources
Lots of China tourism information, from China Travel Service
Useful travel information, although a little dated now
Check for any health alerts in China & other health related travel information
External links related to China & children
Lots of educational resources for children on Asian languages & cultures
Magazine companion site
Companion website to magazine for Chinese adoptees age 7 & up
External links related to Chinese culture & history
All kinds of information about China, from China Radio International (CRI)
Chinese culture
Mandarin, Cantonese, and Chinese character lessons
All kinds of information on China
Chinese language reference
Information on Chinese culture, provided by the Chinese Embassy in Nepal
Variety of information about China from
Chinese history & culture
See "Culture Resources" tab for interesting information
Chinese language lessons
Links to Chinese language resources
China themed books, CDs, videos, software, giftware, & art supplies
Asian themed books, CDs, & giftware
Store with a variety of China related products
Ladybug themed giftware - see also China themed items at same site
Asian & ladybug themed giftware
"The Finest in Asian Inspired Products" - home decor, clothes, books, & kids' stuff
China themed books, CDs, videos, stationery, crafts, games, art, etc.
All kinds of Asian themed items
External links to stores with Asian related products
Extensive Asian & adoption themed books, giftware, clothes, home decor, toys, CDs, & videos
Clothes & baby blanket with Children's Bridge logo - proceeds support the Children's Bridge Charitable Foundation
Maps showing locations of Chinese orphanages - a division of Henimage
Same items as Red Thread Families Gifts, but different storefront
"Gifts to celebrate Chinese adoption" - clothes, bags, & giftware
"The International Adoption Publication" - all kinds of adoption related articles available online
Personalized multicultural gifts, including international adoption items
Originals designs related to adoption from China: clothes, maps, art, & giftware
China adoption information, books, shops, & links
Asian & adoption themed giftware, jewellery, & home decor
External links to stores with adoption related products
"Chinese language & lifestyle guide" - information, blogs, & links related to China
All kinds of useful tools - check out the character dictionary!
Introduction to Mandarin Chinese
All about China!
Public home page
Government of Canada
Government of Canada
Government of Canada
Government of Canada
Government of China
Government of China
The Chinese writing system
The official web portal of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China
China news at
China news, from the only national English language newspaper in China
China news sites
China news - one of 3 central media organizations in China, with CNR & CRI
China news
China news
China news & information
China news
China news - one of 3 central media organizations in China, with Chinese National Radio (CNR) & CCTV
China news
China news from the BBC
China news
China news
China technology related news
Government of China
Government of China
Government of China
Government of China
Click for "Finding Home - 50 Years of International Adoption" (American RadioWorks)
Click for organization that will track down the "finding ad" for your adopted child