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Books on adoption from China
Children's fiction related to China adoption
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Reference books on China adoption
Personal stories of adoption from China
Young adult & adult fiction related to China adoption
Books on general adoption
Children's fiction related to adoption
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Books on China
Books on China & adoption (internal links)
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Adoption books & music
Adoption books & music
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Books, CDs, & DVDs
Books, CDs, & DVDs
Book & Brier Patch book store in Regina
All kinds of products related to China!
Indigo / Chapters book store (Canadian)
McNally Robinson book store (Saskatoon)
U of R book store
U of T book store
U of S book store
Children's fiction related to China
Children's non-fiction related to China
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DVDs related to adoption from China
DVDs related to China
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DVDs related to China, for kids
CDs with an adoption theme
Includes CDs, guide to musical instruments, & more links!
Some books and CDs created by Brenda & Art!
Music & a book by Brenda
DVDs, CDs, and some books & CDs from Group 261 parents! (internal links)
Books by Art
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Karen Acres, author of Little Miss Ladybug and Her Magical Red Thread
Robin Hilborn, author of Canadian Guide to Intercountry Adoption
Robin Hilborn, author of We Adopted from China ... You Can, Too!
Chuck Kent, creator of Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families CD
Steve Layne, author of Over Land and Sea: A Story of International Adoption book
Grace Lin, author of many books of children's fiction
Corky Merwin, creator of Good Fortune DVD
Elizabeth Pearson, creator of The Red String DVD
Roseanne Thong, author of children's fiction & non-fiction books
Steve Whan, author of Autumn Jade series of books
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Click for the Movement for Canadian Literacy
Click for the Internet Movie Database
Book publisher
Book publisher
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Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
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